Cool Search Engines That Are Not Google


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A summary of some engines I found of particular interest:

Good Search donates a penny to the charity of your choice for each search you run.

Collecta scours the net for the most recent blog posts, news stories, tweets and comments and displays them in a continuous waterfall. It’s a torrent of information to keep track of, but if you are worried about your company’s online reputation or want the latest news on Iran, it’s indispensable.

Trackle. Think of it as a standing search engine that will notify you of news and events you want to know about. relies on services around the web — like Wikipedia and Flickr — to compile web pages stocked with useful and relevant information.

Voyij is a travel sale search engine that looks exclusively for deals departing from your home city. The site’s focus is more on people ready for an adventure than on business travelers looking for a cheap ticket. and are cooking search engines that cut through unfiltered recipe search results with handpicked sites delivered through a custom Google search engine. Both have good result if you are looking for a good gnocchi recipe or if you need a recipe to take care of all that basil and couscous in your house.

Panjiva tracks overseas factories and their U.S. customers by indexing publicly available customs data. It’s a great way to keep track of where your competition is getting their products made and by whom. But more importantly, it’s an amazing demo of what can be done with open government data, and one should expect to see more examples like it, now that the feds have committed to sharing raw data with the nation via

Wolfram|Alpha, the net’s algorithimic genius that the tech press is agog over. It that can tell you the relative humidity of the city you were born in on the day you were born, and it does calculus, too. But it’s not a search engine.

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