404 Error: Page Not Found

While on the subject of Error Messages, here’s a compilation of links dedicated to our ill-begot friend, the 404 Error.

404 Error Pages: Reloaded A fun post about various poetic, weird, silly, and generally creative (or not) 404’s.

Hulu gives you a video of Homer Simpson.

The New Yorker pokes fun at the 404, but I can’t help but think: “silly civil engineers…!”

The University of Illinois has a cute one for their computer club.

No real idea where this one came from, but it’s amusing.

Here’s one more.  It’s no longer up, but I still find it funny:

The file you requested was not found on this server


Sorry… I looked but I couldn’t find it. Seriously… I looked twice. After all, its my job to show you what you requested, but point being, I couldn’t find <!–#echo var=”request_uri” –> anywhere on this server.

If you’re looking for a specific file, it has prolly been moved, deleted, or never existed in the first place. If you need a roadmap of the site… We dont have one so you’re screwed . You can search this site for news stories below, but otherwise, you’re screwed there too.

If you followed a link from another site, well it isn’t our problem. Contact the webmaster of the site that sent you here and yell at their webmaster for being incompetent for not keeping his/her links accurate. However, If you followed a link from 2thextreme.org, and ended up on this page. You have my apologies for the webmaster of 2thextreme.org for being too damn lazy to update his links .

Now be gone, and I wish you luck on your search for <!–#echo var=”request_uri” –>.

Something for the curious: Wikipedia’s list of all HTTP status codes, including the 404.


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