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Will It Blend? iPad edition

I love how nothing is sacred tothese guys.  I’m waiting for them to blend the BlendTec blender one of these days…


Gutsy Squirrels

Down for the Count


WORLDMAPPER: The world as you’ve never seen it before

Suffice it to say I love maps.  Current maps, antique maps, topographical maps, dymaxion maps, fantasy maps, non-spatial maps… yeah… I like maps… they almost rival my obsession with clockwork.

So I about died of happiness when I found this site:

They’ve got maps for almost EVERYTHING you could think of:

Transportation                     Food                                       Manufacturering
Resources                               Fuel                                        Income
Education                               Health                                    Disease
Disaster                                   Destruction                          Pollution
Communication                   Exploitation                        Cause of Death
Age of Death                          Religion                                 Language

… to list a few.

Here’s one I find interesting:

Secondary Education Spending

Olympic Pictograms Through the Ages


This video by “MysteryGuitarMan” won’t make sense til you reach the 00:40 mark.  Once you reach 1:10, it’s no longer required viewing/listening, but the guy is amusing. 😛

Scroll Clock

Buggerit.  Why do I keep finding silly things like this so mesemerizing?!