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You might remember OK Go from this informal video they made for their song “Here It Goes Again” for fun.


Since then, they’ve been at it again, and they do not disappoint:

They get uber cookie points from me for being band geeks… and using GHILLIE SUITS in that vid.

And apparently, it wasn’t enough for them because they did another version featuring their screwball antics with a Rube Goldberg machine they designed.


Why LG is Awesome

The Voca People

They claim to hail from the planet “Voca” where all communication is musical.  Somehow they crash landed into a Tel Aviv music studio and are here to learn Earth’s musical “language.”

Or at least, that’s about as much as I was able to piece together.  In any case, they’re fantastic fun. 🙂

Squirrel Waterskiing

Robot Fish

South Park

Noteworthy – “Poker Face” – 11/13/09