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Avatar 2 Trailer – Hungry Beast


The Voca People

They claim to hail from the planet “Voca” where all communication is musical.  Somehow they crash landed into a Tel Aviv music studio and are here to learn Earth’s musical “language.”

Or at least, that’s about as much as I was able to piece together.  In any case, they’re fantastic fun. 🙂

Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton Trailer

I remember reading the book as a girl because my parents thought it was a childrens’ book.  It still scares me sometimes.

So I’m not sure whether or not to be excited or terrified that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have turned it into a movie…

Ninja Assassin Trailer

Finally, a ninja movie I might actually want to see, even if it only promises to look pretty.

Ninja Assassin is directed by Australian filmmaker James McTeigue, who previously worked as the first assistant director for all three Matrix movies and Speed Racer and also directed V for Vendetta himself. The screenplay was co-written by newcomer Matthew Sand and comic book veteran J. Michael Straczynski, of the “Babylon 5” TV show and the script for Clint Eastwood’s Changeling previously as well as the Silver Surfer movie. Warner Brothers is finally bringing Ninja Assassin to theaters on November 25th this year.