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Henry Lim’s LEGO Escher

from Mighty Optical Illusions

While its not possible to actually build an impossible structure with LEGOs, it might be possible to create a structure that (when viewed from the appropriate angle) would recreate the illusion. We already proved this many times, but if you are new to this site – be sure to check LEGO tag. You’ll quickly realize Henry Lim wasn’t the first individual with an idea to reproduce M.C. Escher’s works in LEGO, but can his results be among the best? This is where you come in to share your views. In September 2005, Henry was commissioned by the Hong Kong Science Museum to sculpturally recreate a series of Maurits Cornelis Escher lithographs. It was important that there should be no photographic manipulation involved – the impossible objects should be approximated via optical illusions. It took Henry about a month to build (and rebuild with glue) all four sculptures.


I thought I’d tidy up a bit but, I sometimes go a bit overboard;  so an apology is in order to everyone who’s ever commented on this blog.  I really should pay more attention when I do that…

The Most Terrifying Mountain Bike Trail On Earth

Even if I ever became a good enough rider, I highly doubt I’d find the cajones to do attempt this particular trail

Hello world!

I’ve decided to make a “clipboard” of sorts, because there are a number of us who want links to things we find on the net.  But, the links always seem to get lost in a sea of tabs on a given machine, or someone is never sent the link.

So here you go.  A place to find amusing/interresting/odd or otherwise enlightening material with less fuss. Hopefully.