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The Skinny on the French

There are few rooms that inspire such passions as kitchens.  They are fun, social places that inspire extreme joy. Like waiting for the “Triple Chocolate Death Brownies” in the oven.  Or bouts of godliness (beware mortals! I am doing SCIENCE…!)

Other times inspire FEAR and LOATHING.

Like this poor mother who decides to try French cooking:

I recently saw the movie Julie & Julia, and found myself fired up to learn how to cook like that.  My middle daughter loves to cook, and would like to learn how to cook more things, and I can’t cook, so I thought….hey, let’s do this thing!  I went out and bought the cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, subscribed to Julie’s blog so I could follow along her same journey, and set about picking the first dish!

(Sidenote:  When I say I can’t cook, I’m not exaggerating.  My poor family.  I’ve been known to ask questions like “how do you reheat pizza without a microwave?” or “what’s a broiler?”  or “why is there an oven made just for toast?”  As a wedding gift, I actually got the cookbook “How To Boil An Egg”.  You get the picture…)

So, I decide to start with this meal (is it a bad sign when you can’t pronounce any of the words for the foods you are about to cook and then eat?):

Potage Parmentier

Filets de Poisson Bercy aux Champignons

In layman’s terms, potato & leek soup with fancy fish.

First, let me say that after cooking this meal, I now understand why French women are skinny.


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Dude.  Guys, we need to try this.

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